7 Beautiful Pools in Singapore

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7 Beautiful Pools in Singapore

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Capella Singapore resort pool
The resort was designed by Foster + Partners, a brand of architecture with beautiful buildings. With a stylish blend of style and modern buildings slightly bring the British colonial era, the vision launched into the East Sea, the pool of unique resort becomes above all, a good name is mentioned with those who had the opportunity to experience.

Pool at Crowne Plaza Changi
Located on the 3rd floor of the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport building, nestled beneath tall palm trees, the banse have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the quiet and peaceful landscape and the blue waters of the pool. You will easily find a peaceful corner to relax certain after water naked delight.

Sentosa Equarius pool
The houses are designed resort opened, connecting the blue pool with attractive are hidden under lush tropical foliage will make teen voyeuristic eye that “slip” away the fatigue. From the pool, guests also easy to overlook the vast South China Sea, might make you “crush” with this place there.

Swimming pool in the building Mariana Bay Sands
As one of the signature works, as well as a symbol of Lion Island, Mariana Bay Sands will bring you the exciting experience with a swimming pool located on the 57th floor in the shape of a boat . If you are wondering what’s more? The boat also offers you to play at bet888win.net 24X7. With this position, a panoramic view of the city is memorable, but you can not ignore when it comes to the world’s longest swimming pool on the impressive towering.

Park Royal hotel pool
Guests will “gasped” fully expresses amazement in front of the hotel. With architectural styles environmentally friendly, green building is covered by the array of tropical greenery and outdoor pool with colorful tents accent. A sky garden with cool water, the green will help guests relieve stress after months of hard work.

Swimming pool at The Fullerton Bay Hotel
The pool is on the top floor of the five-storey hotel building, The Fullerton Bay will also offer a view of the beautiful Mariana bay but with a lower position than the Mariana Bay Sands. However, with professional style and its unique location, The Fullerton Bay still gives teen a wonderful swimming pool with barbecue unique fruits and customer care quality.
Pool in Western Singapore building 
An elevated swimming pool will make visitors more love this tiny nation of Singapore. The pool is on the top floor of Asia Square Tower building will provide a panoramic view of the southern coast of the island. With a modern design style, teen’ll love and immersed in the cool waters of the pool in order to dispel the heat of summer.

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