Sentosa Island – A Must Visit For Singapore Tourist

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Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island – A Must Visit For Singapore Tourist

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Sentosa Island Singapore is single of the premier island resorts by means of multi-faceted attractions and teeming by means of events throughout the year. This island is an overwhelming blend of recreational facilities and leisure. It is a multi- visit purpose for the tourists.

The sun-kissed beaches of Sentosa are just mind blowing. The Siloso Beach of Singapore is the Hippest Beach of Singapore. Some other main beach attractions are Tanjong Beach, Palawan Beach etc.

Let’s look into the premium hot spots of Sentosa island recommended by

Songs of the Sea, Sentosa Island

Songs of the Sea: Songs of the Sea on the Sentosa island began on 26th March, 2007. This one has replaced the Musical Fountain Show which was about 25 years old. It is an entertainment product of Sentosa to attract the tourists. This is the only permanent show which is set in sea and has spectacular pyrotechnics displays, lasers and flame bursts. Songs of the Sea has open-air viewing gallery and accommodates 2,500 visitors. The show takes place twice daily for 25 minutes. Sentosa island’s Songs of the Sea is mesmerizing and captivating.

Dolphin Lagoon  

Dolphin Lagoon: The Dolphin Lagoon on Sentosa island is in the Underwater World. It houses humpback dolphins which are Indo-Pacific. In the Meet-the-Dolphins sessions the visitors are allowed to enter the pool which is waist-deep and can interact with the humpback dolphins. The tourists can also extensively interact with the dolphins at the Swim-with-the-Dolphins session at Sentosa. You can also reward a fun ride in the Dolphin Lagoon with the knowledge of ‘dorsal tow’.

Mount Faber Cable Car to Sentosa

Mount Faber Cable Car To Sentosa: Mount Faber Cable Car To Sentosa is simply superb. This cable car is the link from Mount Faber to the island of Sentosa. It is a splendid cable car ride to Sentosa. Sentosa is a paradise and its view through the cable car is special. Enjoy the breeze in the cable car and look at the heavenly abode below. Mount Faber of Singapore provides the ideal view of Singapore. The car provides a complete ride of the Sentosa island.