Day Tour Outside Kuala Lumpur Port Dickson

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Kuala Lumpur Port Dickson

Day Tour Outside Kuala Lumpur Port Dickson

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Port Dickson or its popular name as PD by local people situated in the state of Negeri Sembilan (Nine States) about 90 km or over than an hour driving from Kuala Lumpur. Port Dickson is the nearest beach from Kuala Lumpur besides Morib which situated in States of Selangor. It has become main attractions for the local and foreign tourists, especially during the weekend due to the number of Hotel and Resorts available also its 18 km series of beach. Looking into its popularity, many betting websites including have announced free travel package to this beach. Besides that, the Port Dickson local authority provided essential public amenities such as public bathroom and huge number restaurant or food stall that you won’t get in another beach in Malaysia.

Port Dickson gets its name from Sir John Frederic Dickson the British Senior Officer, who has been stationed in Straits Settlements during the end of 19 centuries. Before this place was developed, Port Dickson was known by the name of Cape by Malay people due to its position in a small bay, while China and India people, named this place as Alang or Coal because the bay is located close to an island famous for its Arang production and supply to the nearby area .

Due of development of Port Dickson so progress rapidly as industrial areas and urban areas, Federated States Secretary Strait, Sir John Frederick Dickson gazette Port Dickson as a strategic port and also make it a living and rest place for British officials and farmers. The development of the Port that also allows British people to take advantage in business such as spices, tea and silk. Activities of a busy trade between the two countries featured merchant Straits of Malacca as a place suitable and practical stop because Port Dickson position in the mid-journey for the merchant ship.

To complement the effectiveness of this new port in the future, a 39km long railway was proposed to connect the Port Dickson and the Sungai Ujung which is now known as Seremban was built in 1891. Plan was drafted to allow various types of goods such as spices, rice, cassava transported via railway to the river port of Sungai Ujung. Furthermore, that the railways and sea ports play an important role in developing export trade to the tin mines of the Seremban.

To facilitate the construction of this runway, the British brings in labor from India. With persistent efforts that the runway was completed and inaugurated by the Secretary of Federated States, Sir John Frederick Dickson. With the opening of the railway, the British also renamed the place from the Cape to Port Dickson. Since then, the name was a reference to the public in Malaysia but all over the world.

Today the development of Port Dickson has evolved rapidly from the tourism industry. There are seven beaches in Port Dickson which can be selected to relax, sunbathe or swim. Each beach has its own uniqueness.