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Jennifer Star

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I will help you.

I am personal trainer and coach who has 11 years of experience. I am 29 years old but I look 22 years old. Do you want to know how? I exercise daily and I eat healthy food only. It is a way of life and something I can share with all of you. You can have a great body as well and let me show you how.

altamont garden meal plan
altamont garden meal plan
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altamont garden meal plan


In the beginning, I started with affecting my personal diet plan and I started tailoring it precisely as I like and my body needed. It was a remarkable story and it helped me lose weight. Yes, I was fat. Soon I introduced exercises to the plan and decided to help others as well.

Later development

A few years after my decision, I have been working with over 100 people and I helped each one of them to get the body he or she wanted. I have a medical degree so I know precisely what a human boy needs and how much. I focus on that and avoid all unnecessary things.

My clients are happier and more satisfied than ever before

My Experience

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