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I will create a plan that fills you with all the nutrients you need but gives you no fat at all. This will help you create a routine and eat only the foods that are needed for your body and mind.

Day 1

Raw Food Diet

Day 2

Dairy Products

Day 3

Steamed Meat

Day 4

Only “Liquid” Day

Types of Exercises

Herbal Teas

Green Coffee

Anti Appetite Substances

Omega 3

Exercise aims

Weight Loss

Body Tonus

Schedule your daily activities

$29.99 PER DAY
  • 2 hours of Dedicated Training Support
  • Diet Recommendations
  • Free Access to the VIP gym/pool
$75.99 12 SESSIONS
  • No Expiry Date for the 12-visit Membership
  • Diet Recommendations and Control
  • Free Access to the VIP gym/pool
$49.99 MONTH
  • 1 Month of Dedicated Trainings
  • 24/7 in Touch on the Phone
  • Free Access to the VIP gym/pool

* Depending on requirements prices may change. For more details call 0782 578 8634 or Send Request

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