Introduction to Thai Amulets

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Introduction to Thai Amulets

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Thai Amulets are idols/sculptures of Buddhist monks popularly known as “Thai Buddhist”, “Talismas”, “Thai Buddha Amulet”, which are available in various shapes and sizes. Theses idols are manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand based companies. To make Thai Amulets Metal, Wood, bone, Plaster can be used as a raw material. After the Amulets are made, maker will ask monks who lives in temple to pray, chant mantras and offer blessing to those idols. This may take around a time of week or year.  Amulets are replicas of Buddha, famous monks and they can be presented as gifts on special occasions like birthday parties, festivals, or any special occasions.

When a new Amulet is prepared it will not be having a good aesthetic property. In order to make it more aesthetic it is provided with protective casing, which makes it look good and also helps to protect the idol and is safe inside the casing. The price of an Amulet depends on factors like its appearance, its maker, age, scarcity etc.

Thai Amulets helps to gain positive energy, Wealth, Luck and feel motivated by seeing its appearance when kept in house or any other places within our circumstances. They can also be done as dollars around the neck irrespective of age from kids to oldies. Thai Amulets are prepared with care and the company will provide a 100% lifetime warranty and 120% refund if the customers are provided with non-genuine products.

Types of Thai Amulets:

There are various types of Thai Amulets available and some of them are as mentioned below:

  1. Toh-Wat Pradoochimplee
  2. Parm-Wat Bang Nom Kho
  3. Pae-Wat Pikultong
  4. LP Toh Sivali
  5. Ruay Wat Tako
  6. Phra Rod
  7. Benja Phakhi

The above-mentioned list is some of Thai Amulets and these are names of popular Buddhist from Bangkok and Thailand. Buddhist Monks who have gained enormous name by serving people, educating is preferred to make idols.